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The Following individuals and organizations have given of their time, expertise, labor, or antiques to make the Miners' Park a reality.
亚搏app 亚搏app亚搏app:

Jim & Joan Anderson
Sarah & Rebecca Archer
Mayor Ron Bushman
Sherm Cristensen
Fehrprop Inc.
Dean Frederick
Rell Frederick
Staci Gass
Josiah F. Gibbs
H. Spencer Gibbs
Cliff Gordon
Delone Jensen
Joel & Lane Johnson
Commissioner Don Julander
Anita Kennedy
Dale Morril & Family
John Olson
亚搏app 亚搏app亚搏app Road Dept.
(Art & Bill)
Commissioner Lindon Romine
Gary Segmiller
Sam Steed
Jerry Baker
The Reverend Jonathan Edwards

Sevier 亚搏app亚搏app:

Theone & Marge Dalton
Fremont Indian State Park
Bill McClure & Richfield Reaper
Nothing New Antiques
Bob Wohlforth
George Chappell

Forest Service:

Beaver District Ranger Ben Black
Bob Leonard
Cindy Mackelprang
Recreational Staff Officer Max Reid
Steve Winslow
Kevin Greenhalgh


Passport-in-Time Crew: 1993

RuJean Brunson (Salt Lake)
Jesse Flowers (Illinois)
David Grubb (Oregon)
Julie Meyers (New Mexico)
T. J. Roberts (Monroe)
David & Susan Ross (Salt Lake)
Audrey Wann (Nebraska)

Passport-in-Time Crew: 1994

RuJean Brunson (Salt Lake)
Noelle Busk (Richfield)
Keith & Janet & Kristi Cartwright (Monroe)
Sharon Glenn (Monroe)
G. David Hunt (Roosevelt)
Delma Jukes (Marysvale)
Chuck Murphy (Nevada)
Rosalie Peterson (Marysvale)
T. J. Roberts (Monroe)
Jarryd Sorenson (Richfield)
Bob & Loraine Yusten (Nebraska)


Shane Baker (West Valley)
Cortec Design Service (Price)
Kaye's Antiques (Gunnison)
Office of Public Archeology (BYU)
Newt Fehr (Texas)
Lane Richens (Orem)
Bill Stoddard (Colorado)


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