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The town of Beaver sits on the far south western corner of the Paiute ATV Trail system on interstate 15 and is the closest trail head for riders coming from Las Vegas or southern California .The town gets its name from the thousands of beaver found in the river and mountain streams. Beaver has several designated ATV routes within the city limits and the city has signed these routes. Riders are able to access the Paiute ATV Trail by trail 05 northeast of Beaver roughly following the lower portion of North Creek, then ascends to the north of Johnson Peak and reaches 9800 feet near Bakers peak before descending into Lousy creek, crossing Hwy 153 an connects with the trail 01 near Three Creeks lake near where the 01 trail crosses Hwy 153, approximately 18 miles from the city limits. Trail 05 can be challenging for intermediate riders.

Alternately, trail 68 leaves Beaver to the south and follows South Creek Road for about 10 miles where it enters the canyon at 7600 feet and climbs rapidly to over 10,200 feet with several tight switchbacks and narrow ledges over the next 5 miles and then descends to Anderson Meadow reservoir, where trail 68 ends at forest road 137. The east end of trail 68 is rated most difficult. Road 137 is closed to ATV traffic. There are primitive campgrounds available at the reservoir. The trail becomes 67 and continues north for 2.5 miles where 67 ends at trail 88 near round Flat. You have choice to follow trail 88 to the north across the flats until you cross East Fork just before the stream drops into the Beaver River, climb to the Strawberry Flat and connect with trail 05 at Three Creeks reservoir. This section of 88 is 5.2 miles from trail 67 to trail 05. Your other choice is to follow trail 88 to the south 4.3 miles past Lebaron Lake and connect with the mail Paiute Trail 01 at Betenson Flat just at the top of Wades Canyon. The Beaver side trails are visual feast and rock hounders paradise. To make the loop from Beaver up 05 and down 68 or vice versa would take about 6 hours and could be extended to include trails 29 and 27 around Puffer lake which can easily add 2 more hours to your trip.

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